Friday, 12 February 2010

New way to see all my patterns

I've made my patterns both free and for sale available through Ravelry for some time now, but previously there wasnt an easy way to show non-Ravelry members the whole list in one easy way. Fortunately a new tweak has just been added to the site which will take you right to the pattern overview, so if you were curious to see all my current designs in one place, you now can.

In other news I was delighted to recently sponser a knitting event at the Rijksmuseum at which over a hundred knitters attended a series of talks on the Dutch whaler's caps and had the opportunity to work from the pattern I devised that draws on this eveidence. Anyone still looking for a copy of the pattern, it's the Voyageur cap available from the link above. I've been thrilled to see the different interpretations of the pattern appear as hte knitters finish them.

I'm busy working on several new patterns at the moment, two new Historic ones, a Scots Bonnet and my version of the 'Prince Arthur Tudor' cap, and in modern designs a new fingerless glove with a pretty lacy edge and a complete rework of the Flower Fairy Cap. I'll post here when they are ready for action.

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