Wednesday, 10 September 2008

mmm, squashy

I've recently been rediscovering the benefits of using a spinning wheel to convert 'old' and unloved stash yarn into 'new' and desirable stash yarn.

This started off as three cones of very posh Italian spun wool with a smidge of acrylic, and one cone of eyewateringly flashy 80s vintage lurex, a pleasant short while plying it all together and its an airy, squashy and really rather nice dk weight yarn that wouldnt look that out of place amongst some of the flash designer yarns that cost a fortune.

I've done the same with blends of wool, silk and fine metalic filaments to good effect too in the past. 

Monday, 8 September 2008

Gnome Hat and Beard

Here they are, the latest in my collection of very silly hats. Knit in the round and then heavily fulled, the hats sit low on the forehead and look cute on wearers of all sizes. The beard is detachable meaning the hat can be worn alone if desired, and the lady gnome has braids with ribbons as part of her hat.

Worked in Aran weight yarn on 5mm and 6mm needles, this uses simple stitches and has photo instructions for the loop stitch used on the beard.

As with my last pattern, this is available for $3.00 through Ravelry downloads. Clicking the buy button will take you to a paypal page after which you will be automatically issued a download link for the well illustrated, easy to knit pattern.

The hats in the photo will be listed in my shop in due course, please check there if you are interested in purchasing a ready made gnome hat.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Miser's Purse

Made this for Gareth as part of his Regency outfit for the ball in Bath next month. Its a heavy silk that I'm hoping to be carrying in the shop soon, and I'm fairly pleased with it. The rings are temporary in that 'they'll probably still be there in 20 years' sort of way, Gareth plans to make silver rings eventually for it.