Monday, 23 January 2012

Busy New Year

I can't believe how long its been since I last updated this blog. In my defence, I've been busy on the Victorian Soap Project so most of my blogging energy has been going on that this month, but I haven't been idle on the  textile front either.

I've been working on some commissions for various regiments, here's a ridle green Kilmarnock that I've just finished, it gave me a biit of a headache as I needed to colour match as closely as possible a sample of  uniform fabric, and it took me a couple of goes to get the dye blend right. At one point it all went horribly wrong and I ended up with a pink hat, but we'll gloss over that and never speak of it again if you don't mind!

I'm currently working on a number of forage caps for another re-enactment regiment. Although some knitters find it boring to do the same pattern several times in quick succession, I don't mind it, there is something quite satisfying about seeing how similar I can get them all and I love getting photos of the chaps in their finery when the order goes off!

I've also started reformatting and uploading some of my historic hat patterns to work as a Kindle download. It seems that in this day and age I ought to be trying to keep up with the available technology, so we'll see how those go and with luck it won't be long before the entire series is available in that format.

I've got lots of plans for new patterns for this year, but untill someone finds me a few more hours in the day, they are having to wait for a quieter bit of the year. More soon, for now its back to my forage caps...