Thursday, 25 June 2009

Flower Fairy Cap

You may have noticed just a slight fairytale theme in my patterns recently, this is due in part to some fascinating read-along, project-along discussions over on the Folklore and Fairytale group on Ravelry. I'm constantly given new inspiration from the stories chosen for discussion, often they are tales I thought I knew well, but having so many diverse people discussing them and seeing what they choose to work on to illustrate a facet of the story is always a real treat.

I've been working on this particular pattern on and off since March, when I indulged myself for my birthday by spinnng and knitting a little cap. Since then, I've worked up a couple more versions of it, this time with notebook in hand, and its now out as my latest pattern.

I've test knit it both in a plain silky yarn, and in a gradually self striping one (this one is Noro silk garden lite), and I think it works really well in both versions. The two lace patterns used are very simple to work but give an intricate effect that isnt too fussy, and best of all, the cap is a stretchy little thing and so far has fitted everyone I've tried it on. Its worked in dk weight yarn and all three of mine came in as one skein wonders, with just a few yards left over.

If anyone does want to try this pattern, its a Ravelry download priced $3

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Faerie Queen Socks

I've just realised I haven't blogged about these socks, how terribly remiss of me! I'd wanted for a while to design a pair of socks inspired by the intricate designs on functional objects of the Arts and Crafts movement, and this is what came off my needles.

I wanted to try something a tiny bit different from standard sock construction, so I began with an ornate border workd flat on two needles and composed of lavish leaves and berries and a band of knotwork. This then is joined and the stitches picked up for the rest of the sock which is worked top down in the usual manner and which incorporates a double rose leaf lace insert and a practical eye-of-partridge stitch heel.

I'm pleased with the results, and although I worked mine in two shades of green, some of my test knitters have been making theirs in semi solid pinks and autumn tones, and I have to say they look fantastic.

As with all my patterns, it can be downloaded through Ravelry. This one costs $4, and I do hope some of you will give it a try.

Tam o Shanter

I've always enjoyed knitting Scots Bonnets in all their variations, but as I mostly knit for the re-enactment community, its not often I get to make one for wear with modern dress, complete with toorie on the top.

This one was a commission for a lovely gentleman who tells me it will be worn to the Gathering of the Clans next month, an event that should see every possible variation on bonnets being worn with every possible permutation of Scottish dress. Its an event I'd love to attend some day, for now, I just rest content that a bonnet or two of mine will be there.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Goblin Market

I've just finished my latest pattern and wanted to share it with you all. This is Goblin Market, is a reticule with a Victorian feel. It features a richly textured leaves and berries border, the body of the bag has a shape loosely inspired by pomegranates and poppy capsules and uses several distinct pattern stitches for a fast, interesting knit.

The name comes from the poem ‘Goblin Market’ by Christina Rosetti:

MORNING and evening
Maids heard the goblins cry:
“Come buy our orchard fruits,
Come buy, come buy”

We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?

What particularly pleases me about it is that it only uses approximately 20g or so of a sock weight yarn, which is pretty much exactly the amount I find I have over after sock projects, so for me its a great stash buster and one that I think will make great gifts later in the year. Like all bags though, it should work well on pretty much any yarn as long as you choose needles that will give a pleasingly firm fabric.
If you fancy trying it for yourself, its available as a Ravelry download priced just $3


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sample Boxes

Been a bit quiet lately, have been under orders to rest a bit so less going on than usual. Normal service will be resumed shortly...

However, and more importantly, I am involved in the most exciting new sample box scheme. Fibreholics brings together some really diverse and talented fibre and yarn producers to offer a wonderful value taster box full of sensibly sized, useable samples. Check out the offerings so far for the first box!