Saturday, 28 March 2009

Gunnister style purse

I've recently very much enjoyed reading Alison Milton's newly published booklet on the Gunnister Purse, which has detailed instructions for making a replica of this famous example of early knitting based on her first hand inspection and study of the original. of course, as soon as I read it I had to have a go, and this is the result.

Ok, this is an ‘almost’ Gunnister purse, which is all my fault and no reflection on Alison's excellent notes. I handspun the yarn (manx for the brown, the orange is madder dyed) and it was a bit chunky so I had to use 2mm needles, way to big for this project, I was getting 10st to the inch, the original was about 11.5). I also worked a balanced 2:2 rib, rather than the uneven rib of the original, and when I got to the pattern, I didnt have the designin front of me so winged it from memory, with the result that the pattern is similar, but not the same as the original purse.

Alison’s pattern notes and background information are excellent, and I thoroughly recommend this booklet. I’ll be making this again and getting the details right! Even with my little inaccuracies, its a pleasing purse and I’ll enjoy using it.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Grim Squeaker Egg Cosy

Inspired by the 'Death of Rat's' character created by Terry Pratchett, this little chap knits up fast as an (admittedly slightly large) egg cosy- he'd be perfect to cover a small easter egg, or with a base as a little pocket toy. He's available as a free pattern on my Ravelry page.

Flower Fairy Cap

Yet again, the days have slipped past and although I keep thinking, 'I must update the blog with some projects', it keeps just not happening.

I did finish a cap last night that I'm rather pleased with, this was yarn I spun as a brithday treat for myself, a mix of beautiful grey and brown Norwegian fleece mixed with pale green alpaca, white silk then flecked with rose alpaca. The overall effect is grey, but the shades come through well under sunlight.

I knitted it up into a simple cap using a couple of repeats of harebell lace for the edge, then some little eyelet flowers, then a plain top with a liripipe- currently knotted but doesnt have to be worn that way. I like it!