Sunday, 15 March 2009

Flower Fairy Cap

Yet again, the days have slipped past and although I keep thinking, 'I must update the blog with some projects', it keeps just not happening.

I did finish a cap last night that I'm rather pleased with, this was yarn I spun as a brithday treat for myself, a mix of beautiful grey and brown Norwegian fleece mixed with pale green alpaca, white silk then flecked with rose alpaca. The overall effect is grey, but the shades come through well under sunlight.

I knitted it up into a simple cap using a couple of repeats of harebell lace for the edge, then some little eyelet flowers, then a plain top with a liripipe- currently knotted but doesnt have to be worn that way. I like it!


Petronella said...

The two words "Norwegian fleece" caught my eye - and that's all because I'm norwegian :-)

I really like your cap. If you ever have the time to writing down your pattern, I'd be interested in trying it.

Have a nice evening.

Faded Lily said...

Wow! What a lovely cap! I would also like the pattern if you should ever find time to write it down. You have such a creative mind. Just love checking to see what new wonder you've come up with.

Faded Lily said...

Wow, lovely cap! I, also, would love the pattern if you ever have the time to write it down. On a completely different project, I'd just like to say how much your sock pattern has meant to me. I've made several pairs, and now feel ready to tackle the tiny needles and skinny yarn involved in regular sock patterns. So thank you! And keep up the great work!