Thursday, 27 December 2007

It is going to be a busy year

I spent a little bit of time today filling in events, sales, shows and so forth in the new 2008 diary, only to realise that once the various events kick off in mid february I don't get a weekend at home for over 6 weeks.

Not that its a problem, all good fun stuff, but it does have a knock on effect on trying out new pattern ideas and restocking, so I can forsee a very busy January as I try to stockpile enough of everything to see me through.

The first big sale will be a Live Roleplaying Market for which I need to make a whole new batch of felted pointy hats, though I also have some ideas for interesting knitted items that might possibly go down well with this audience. Going to have huge fun working on this lot.

I did manage to knit a hat on Christmas Day by way of after dinner excercise, haven't fulled it yet though so picture to follow. Was bask at work today, must admit I would have much rather have been knitting. oops.

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