Monday, 17 December 2007

His n Hers hats and pattern

Went to the Downsizer weekend and had a lovely time knitting whilst catching up with friends. Today I finished and blocked these hats which will be Christmas presents for my parents. Both in Rowan Magpie, which is a sadly discontinued aran weight pure wool. Very simple pattern which I made up as I went along but which goes something like this if you fancy trying it:

5mm needles, cast on 96 or 100 stitches (4 needles of 24 or 25 depending on size) in pure wool aran weight.
Work in the round about 15 rows of moss stittch
work about 17 rows of stocking stitch
one row of purl
two rows plain
three rows moss
two rows plain
one row purl
Start decreasing twice per needle in the third round for I think three repeats
Purl a row
decrease twice per needle in every other row for probably three repeats again (whenever it looks right basically), purl a row
continue decreasing in the same manner to finish.
Lightly machine wash the hat to slightly full it, then block to shape.

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