Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Welsh Wig pattern now available

You may recall my earlier adventures with the Welsh Wig in which I visited an extant example and reconstructed the likely pattern for it.

With the assistance of the lovely Historic Knitting group on Ravelry I've now assembled some references to help put this funny little cap in context, and am delighted to be able to make the pattern available.

These caps were worn by Dickensian clerks (think Mr Fezziwig), layered under other headwear by Crimean soldiers and even issued to polar explorers. A fun addition to you costuming repertoire!


Quinn said...

Sally, I am always so excited to see Wicked Woolens pop up in my reader! Always something interesting and fun :)

Paul McGuinness said...

I am reading A Christmas Carol and this helped me understand what Fezziwig was wearing. Thanks!