Sunday, 27 June 2010

All hail the Goblin King!

Its been a busy and rather warm few weeks here, and we've been rather tied up with a series of small business courses, so knitting has been taking rather a back seat but I must share this commission with you.

I have a very tall client who needs thigh high stockings to work with various sets of costume, and this time he asked for hooped/striped stockings in red and white. These are a little bit fiddlier to make than my usual plain hose, so it did take me a small while to do, and I was very cross with myself for inadvertantly shrinking the first pair when I washed them to get the dressings out of the yarn, but hey, that just means I'm ahead with the felted Christmas stockings for this year.

Anyway, after a bit of grumbling about the shrunk pair, I got on with remaking the hose this week, and because I was a little bit worried about the proportions I persuaded Gareth, my ever long-suffering model, to try them on for me this morning before I packed them up for the post.

Gareth is 6ft6 and a couple of shoe sizes larger than the end wearer of these stockings, but I thought the picture was so funny I had to share it. It reminds me of comedy goblin outfits :) At least with his utilikilt on I didnt have to make him stand there in his undies for the photo!

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Myrte van Lonkhuijsen said...

That is hilarious. The socks look great though. If you shrunk a similar pair you will need a LOT of christmaspresents to fill them.