Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow and staying cosy

Happy New Year everyone, seems ages since I last updated the blog. The weather has been very snowy here, which has made getting to work a problem on a couple of occasions, but on the plus side we've had a chance to seriously test drive some of our warmest hats.

The Voyageur pattern (available through Ravelry for $4) has been particularly popular this winter, possibly assisted by the snowy weather! There is no doubt that having two layers of nice thick fulled wool over your ears is a great comfort when its sub zero and windy out. Here's a recent picture of Gareth in one of the Voyageur hats I've made over the last few weeeks.
I've also found some time for some designing, watch out for a new hat coming in the next few days, its been out for pattern testing and I'm really pleased with it.

Today though, once I've finished some work for the day job, I'm going to dye some fibre for the next round of Fibreholics boxes, and then curl up and work on a pair of super warm slipper socks that I'm designing as I knit.


Jinx said...

What a handsome cap!

Billie Jane said...

Very french looking hat... I like it, but not sure that my knitting skills are up to it. Is it felted or just knitted? I've never felted anything yet... but will get around to it eventually. :-)

Sally in Wales said...

Its incredible straightforwards, its knitted then shrunk afterwards, no complcated techniques at all :)

caroline said...

beautiful hat! very french! tres chic! it would be a wonderful hat in my canadian climate. it's -16c today. it seems britain is getting some of what canada has every year,but the best part is that everyone can wear a sallyinwales hat!

Rob Hanborough said...

Love the red Voyageur. I would have bought it in Warwick but the children spent all my money. Will download a pattern for by teenage daughter to knit, or failing that will order from your online shop. Plan B will be see you in six months' time in Warwick!

Rob Hanborough said...

I saw the red Voyageur at Warwick last weekend. I think it's excellent. Would have bought it there and then but the children had spent all my money. I've downloaded your pattern for my teenage daughter to knit. If that fails I'll buy one from your online shop. Otherwise see you in Warwick again in six months' time!

PS I grew up in Wales