Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Dutch Sailor's Cap

In my last post I was working on the Machault cap, and I've been continuing my research by working up another double cap based on extant examples, this time a rather wonderfully variagated blue and white cap in the collection of the Rijksmuseum, dated to between 1650-1800.

The original is a relatively rare example of early variagated yarn, I’m quite pleased that my yarn mimics the original reasonably well. The Rijksmuseum has a fantastic collection of historic knitted caps, many of them from the whaler's graves at Spitsbergen, and I'm pleased with how this came out. I'm now itching to work on several other striped hats from the same source.

I've just about got this pattern ready now, it will be available any moment now over on Ravelry and in due course as a hard copy booklet in the shop, like all my historic range of patterns well supported with references and a discussion of this style of cap.


Traudi said...

Hallo Sally, I want my mother in law to knit the Dutch Sailor's Cap.

But to buy by PayPal it is called Voyageur Cap Objectnr. SPWW-138817

Is that correct, please check, it is my mother in law.

have a pleasant day,
Willem van der Gang

Sally in Wales said...

Yes thats right, the cap is most commonly known as the Voyageur style, and the pattern references both the Machault cap and the one from the Rijksmuseum.