Monday, 4 May 2009

This Week's Hats

Been a fairly slow week, have been trying not to rush and to rest up a bit, and have concentrated on getting a couple of hat commissions sorted out. (Amazing how a few afternoons on the sofa with one's feet up watching films helps the knitting along).

First, and its a dreadful picture sorry, is a fifteenth century sugarloaf hat, possibly one of the silliest men's headwear fashions ever. It was a fun knit, had to be fulled until the stitch definition just about vanished resulting in a very heavy solid fabric that was then dyed murrey to match an outfit.
Second pic of it isn't much better I'm afraid.

Then we have a basic Tudor cap, but this one was a request for as near to 'royal' blue as could be got within the plausibility of Tudor dyes. Modern royal blue is a chemical dye and is rather different in tone to anything that could be achieved with indigo based blues, so I modified the dyebath a little to give a shade that is still very bright, but which I am confident I can achieve with natural dyes. Just for fun, I photographed this hat on one of my Dwarven Battle Bonnets, and I think it looks rather fetching this way.


Faded Lily said...

I agree! It looks very fetching indeed. Made me think of Henry the VIII. But as always, I'm so impressed by your creativity. I really enjoy seeing what you will come up with next.

Katharyn said...

The spitting image of Henry.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love the tudor cap!