Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thrummed Sailor's Cap

I was recently asked to make a thrummed cap based on a type worn in the seventeenth century and popular with sailors because the thrummed surface creates a very warm cosy hat.

The basic shape was very straightforwards to knit, then I covered the surface with short lengths of yarn before fulling the whole thing. This picture is after one fulling, and I think it will need a second as its a little large still. I do love the 'cuddly pet monster' effect. Please excuse the obvious anachronism, I should have made him take his torc off first.

There is an image of a sailor in a similar cap here, taken from Habiti Antichi e Moderni by Cesare Vecelli, 1600. (Tincey, p 22)


Josh said...

Where, or what would you suggest for a pattern for this cap I'm intrested in makeing one.

Sally in Wales said...

Hi Josh, couldnt find a way to contact you direct so hope you pick this up here- I worked up the pater as I went along based on reference to illustrations of these hats in use, there isnt a formal pattern. Effectively you are making a small sugarloaf cap then working the thrums all over the bodybefore fulling if that helps.
all the best

James said...

I have got as far as thrumming my hat and now I want to full it. can you suggest the best way to hand full the cap?

James said...

Hi Sally, great looking cap. I have got as far as thrumming my basic cap and was wondering what the best method of fulling it is? Can you suggest a method? I have made the capout of undyed jacobs double knit.

Thanks James