Sunday, 13 July 2008

Been busy

Haven't posted nearly often enough recently, its not that I haven't been knitting, just haven't had much spare time to do updates.

Went to the Costume Society conference on Saturday, sadly couldnt make the friday and sunday days, but am going tomorrow. Thoroughly enjoyable as always, no one specific thing to report back on, but I always enjoy the papers and its nice to meet up with other costumey people. I startecd work on a silk miser's purse during the talks, I've been trying out a few silk yarns to try to find some that will work as a substitute for purse twist, and this seems about right on 2mm needles

Just finished this white tam-o-shanter with an undyed brown brim. I was planning on dyeing it blue, but I quite like it as is.
Have also done a couple of statute caps in the last couple of weeks, a few pairs of stockings and more of the Women's Land Army socks. I must confess to also spending far too much time trading yarn on Ravelry, its so hard to resist when people offer yarns I haven't tried before!

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