Sunday, 20 January 2008

Catching up on the week

Spent friday night catching up with old friends, and as we sat up most of the night talking I managed to get a whole hat knitted- pic to follow later, its a bright green 'flower fairy' sort of hat- its in the wash having a bit of a shrink right now. Also got most of a pixie hat finished the next day, so that counts as a good constructive session I think.

Last week I finished this hat, its some lovely silky superwash aran I bought in bulk last year, and dyed earlier in the week. I'm pleased with the button detail, and suspect I may wear this one myself. Will be putting the pattern up on Ravelry if anyone wants to try one similar.

I also found this picture of the wool winder Gareth made me a few years ago, and thought I'd share it. Its a real mix of woods, beech for the body, yew for the arms and reclaimed ebony for the flat bits the wool goes over, but I love it.

What else, oh yep, made another example of the'His n Hers' hats for a friend, this is in the most gorgeous Kerry Hill wool from the wonderful people at Rosewood Farms. Highly recommended yarn if you like to support small producers of ethical produce. Sorry the pic is so dark, flash made it white out completely

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Birdwell said...

The Button Bonnett is fantastic--already put it in my queue!