Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Been a busy month

Havent posted much lately, I've been taking some time off work and as a result I've been away from home a lot catching up on research and spending time with family. Not that I havent been busy, I've knitted several caps, most of which still need fulling, but our washing machine has broken down and I won't get a new one for a couple of weeks I suspect.

However, I have made this Hogswatch hat as an order. I'm quite pleased with it I think.

I've also been photographing part of my silk yarn stash to allow a friend to select the shades she wants for some silk stockings. The colours are so pretty, I thought I'd post the picture here too:

I've also had an offer of a new sock machine! I'm so very excited. Won't get it til february, and no way to know if it will work, but its so exciting to have the chance to try to return another machine to active working order. I'm thrilled and rather overwhelmed by the generosity of the person who has offered it to me.

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