Saturday, 22 September 2007

Abandoning housework in favour of knitting

You will frequently hear me bemoaning how disgraceful my housekeeping skills are, and you probably won't believe that I really mean it, so heres a picture of the sock machine with plenty of assorted wreckage in the background.

I'm contantly embarrassed by just how much clutter I manage to generate, its not as if I never tidy up, it just doesnt seem to last more than 10 seconds. I lie awake at night and fantasise about waking up to a tidy house, but the house-elf seems to be on strike. I promise that the next time I take a picture of the sock machine it won't be against such a revolting backdrop.

On a tidier note, I've just pulled this hat out of the washing machine after its shrink cycle, it was an odd ball of Icelandic wool I had with a lovely dark kempy fleck in it, and I knit this one top down so I could just knit til the ball of yarn ran out. Its made avery nice simple roll brim cap which would probably work for some re-enactment outfits as well as being nice and snug for winter wear.

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